Wildfire Mitigation Plan

CPI operational procedures include plans to mitigate wildfires in our service territory. This is especially important with longer dry periods, temperature extremes and reporting by the media of significant fires.

CPI constructs, operates and maintains its infrastructure in a manner that minimizes the risk of a wildfire posed by its electrical system.

Our Wildfire Mitigation Plan focuses on three main components; vegetation management, system coordination and system hardening. The plan uses a systematic approach to implement immediate, short and long term actions and documents these activities for future reference.

Vegetation Management

  • Continue our rotation of right-of-way tree trimming, mowing and herbicide application.
  • Inspect power lines by vehicle drive-bys and manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, especially in high risk fire locations.
  • Conduct hazard tree and vegetation assessments outside of existing right-of-way locations.

System Coordination

  • Intensify system monitoring and coordination on extreme weather days.
  • Review fire level ratings daily in each area that we serve.

System Hardening

  • Selectively replace poles in areas of high fire risk with fire resistant poles.
  • Continue to maintain existing infrastructure and replace aging equipment.
  • Strategically convert overhead power lines to underground in high risk areas.

With our plan in place and operating CPI is well positioned to limit a potential wildfire in the areas that we serve.