Outage Preparation

Be Prepared Just In Case

CPI’s mission is to provide members with reliable service – day and night. Employees are constantly at work maintaining equipment, removing trees from rights-of-way, and upgrading the cooperative’s power system.

Despite our best efforts, severe and unusual weather can wreak havoc and cause a power outage that can last for hours or days. Snow and ice, high winds and lightning are a few examples of natural conditions that can seriously damage power equipment in a large area. Even with crews working around-the-clock, repairs are time consuming, difficult and often dangerous.

We have developed a list of suggestions that can help you during the long hours of an outage.

Always Be Prepared

Put together an emergency kit that is easily accessible in case of a lengthy power outage or other natural event. Supplies should include:

What To Do and Not To Do When the Power Goes Out

If the lights go off, know what steps to take to be comfortable, safe and help the Co-op restore service quickly.

Remember these tips during an extended outage. It’s easier on everyone involved. This information is very important.