Outage Information

To report an outage please call (541) 929-3124 or (800) 872-9036 and press 1, or online through your SmartHub account on the web or via the app and select “Report An Outage”.

Below is an interactive map showing any current outages in CPI’s service area. A map legend is available by clicking the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the map. To see a full page version of this map, please visit OUTAGE.CPI.COOP. For important safety information and tips regarding outages, please visit our OUTAGE PREPARATION page.

On any given day, electric utilities experience small power outages across their service areas. For example, a tree in the line, a vehicle crash into a pole, or even a squirrel on a transformer can affect a single home or small pockets of members in a specific area. As such, when you look at our outage map, regardless of time of day, you might see outages appearing on the map and in the table to the right of the map, even if there are no “large-scale” outages. Our outage map displays real-time activities that are occurring, 24-7-365.

CPI’s mission is to provide members with safe, reliable electric service – day and night. Despite our best efforts, severe weather and unusual circumstances can wreak havoc and cause a power outage that can last for hours or days. For more information, please review our power outage tips.

Planned Power Outages

Every so often planned power outages are necessary because of needed repairs or upgrades to our system. These upgrades dramatically reduce the likelihood of unexpected outages in the future and help improve system reliability. We know outages are very inconvenient and we try to minimize the number of them we have each year. We appreciate your understanding and patience with us.

Members in affected areas should receive a call about upcoming outages. We also plan to send a reminder call closer to the actual outage. Please call our office if you need to update your contact information.

For all members using medical equipment requiring electrical power, you will need to make provisions for these power outages.