Window Replacement

Existing windows must be PRE-APPROVED (pre-approval checklist) before installation begins.  Please call 541-929-8520 for more information.

By choosing energy efficient window products, you can cut down your heating and cooling costs and make your home more comfortable at the same time.

In a typical house, over 60% of the annual energy budget is consumed by heating and cooling. Proper selection of windows, doors and skylights can effect how much money we spend or save every year on keeping our homes bright and comfortable.

Be sure and check out the Efficient Windows Collaborative Web Site for unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use.

New windows and patio doors (sliding) with a U-value of .30 or lower may replace existing metal frame dual-glazed windows, or any single-glazed window regardless of frame. Home must be electrically heated in order to qualify.

Consumers Power offers our customers a rebate of $6 per square foot of window area for replacement windows with a U-value of .30 on electrically heated homes.

On windows that achieve a U-value of .22 CPI offers a $8 per square foot of window replaced.

CPI is also now offering rebates of $2 per square foot on low-E storm windows which can be added to both single-glazed and metal double-glazed windows. Please CLICK HERE for a list of qualified storm windows.

Rebate amounts and program requirements are subject to change without notice. All homes or businesses are subject to inspection and usage data analyzed by participating in energy efficiency programs. Any rebates will be applied to past due amounts owed CPI before payment is issued.