Heat Pump

We currently offer a rebate to members who add a new heat pump to their current heating system. 

Products designated VRF/VRV air source heat pumps do not qualify for the CPI rebate at this time.

Why consider a heat pump? The electric heat pump is the most efficient heating system on the market today. Heat pumps offer clean, safe, reliable comfort all year long.

What will a heat pump do for you?

Minimum insulation requirements for the rebate program:

Air Source Heat Pump Upgrade:
Available for replacing an existing heat pump, adding a heat pump to a system with gas backup or zonal heating, or new construction. The heat pump must have a minimum HSPF of 9, a SEER of 14, and be installed by a PTCS Certified contractor.

Rebate:  $500

Air Source Heat Pump Conversion:
The PTCS air source heat pump conversion measure provides an incentive for replacing an electric forced air furnace with a heat pump. The heat pump must have a minimum HSPF of 9, a SEER of 14, and the work must be completed by a PTCS Certified contractor.

Rebate: $1,500

Commissioning and Controls
This rebate is for heat pumps that do not meet CPI minimum efficiency standards.

Rebate: $300

*While duct sealing is not required for installing a new heat pump, it is strongly recommended.

The Steps Involved

*If no heat/cooling load calculation and balance sheet are available you may request a copy of CPI’s heat pump sizing calculator by completing and submitting the form below.

Heat Pump Sizing Calculator Form

Rebate amounts and program requirements are subject to change without notice. All homes or businesses are subject to inspection and usage data analyzed by participating in energy efficiency programs. Any rebates will be applied to past due amounts owed CPI before payment is issued.