Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing and System Certification Rebates

What is a Dysfunctional House?

Simply, it’s a house that’s not functioning as intended and as a result is wasting energy, wasting money, may be threatening the occupant’s health and safety, and not providing the desired level of comfort.

Studies have found up to 75% of houses can be classified as dysfunctional. They can be old or new. Some newer homes are so tightly built they create problems. Surprisingly, larger and more expensive homes tend to be some of the worst. The problems usually result from the way climate control systems are installed, serviced and maintained.

Rarely can you tell just by looking; it can be difficult and requires professional help and special instruments, but sometimes there are telltale signs. Indications can include: high utility bills, uncomfortable drafts, growth of mold or mildew, musty or unusual odors, condensation on windows, allergies and asthma attacks, frequent headaches and more than occasional flu-like symptoms.

The way to be certain and to identify the sources of the problems is diagnostic testing of your home’s performance. It’s similar to visiting a doctor; technicians measure house temperatures and pressures, then they can diagnose problems and recommend treatment. You wouldn’t have a medical operation without diagnostic testing and probably shouldn’t invest money in home improvements until you know if they’ll be effective, efficient and actually improve your home.

Home performance testing is a state-of-the-art technique to test and analyze the way the house functions as a complete system. Trained technicians use a variety of instruments to measure temperature, airflow and air pressures. PTCS Certified technicians can tell whether the house is pressurized or depressurized and know why.

Rebate Amounts

If your primary heat source is electric forced air or heat pump CPI offers the following rebates for duct systems that have been sealed to PTCS specifications by a PCTS Certified Contractor.

CPI rebate will be issued upon receipt of the CPI rebate form and duct certification from a certified duct sealing contractor.

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Rebate amounts and program requirements are subject to change without notice. All homes or businesses are subject to inspection and usage data analyzed by participating in energy efficiency programs. Any rebates will be applied to past due amounts owed CPI before payment is issued.