Rheem Proterra Heat Pump Water Heater

CPI has worked with Rheem products for many years and is excited to offer another reliable product from them. The Rheem Professional Prestige is the most efficient water heater on the market and is available for sale in our Philomath office. These units can cut your water heating bill by up to 50%! Both the 50, 65 and 80 gallon units are available at CPI’s Philomath office and members can purchase these units for $1,249, $1,549 or $1,849 respectively.  We don’t accept returns of opened boxes.

A $600 cash rebate from CPI is available for all qualifying installations of this heat pump water heater. The units do not have to be installed by a professional plumber to qualify and may be installed by the homeowner.

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How do heat pump water heaters work?

Heat pump water heaters work like a refrigerator, but in reverse – while a refrigerator pushes heat from inside the unit out to the air around it, a heat pump water heaters pull warmth from the surrounding air and transfers it to water held in the storage tank. Heat pump water heaters also retain the same ability to heat with elements just as standard water heaters do and are often referred to as “Hybrid” water heaters.

Is it right for you?

Rheem heat pump water heaters are ideal for homeowners looking to…

Where can I install a heat pump water heater?

Heat pump water heaters can be installed in a variety of heated and unheated locations such as a garage, basement or utility room.

Take Advantage Of An Existing Location

Many heat pump water heaters can be installed in the same spot as current standard electric water heaters and take advantage of existing connections (cold water supply, hot water outlet, electrical connection, temperature/pressure relief valve, and drain).

Things To Consider

Sound – Heat pump water heaters generate sounds similar to a small electric fan, this is simply the sound of energy-efficient hot water.

Cold air – While in operation, heat pump water heaters release cool, dry air into the surrounding space. This air can be ducted out of the installation area if desired.

Size/height – Heat pump water heaters are slightly larger than standard electric water heaters.