0% Loans

Terms: $50.00 minimum loan amount $1,000.00 maximum loan amount repaid over six monthly payments

Example: $1,000.00 loan $166.66 billed each month for 5 months $166.70 billed for the 6th month


  1. You must be a CPI member for at least 12 months.
  2. You must not have received any late notices for the last 12 months.
  3. You must not have any outstanding 0% interest CPI loans.
  4. Only items that use electricity can be financed under this program.

How it works: You can make your purchase of new electric items at any retail outlet but we have arrangements with a couple of local appliance dealers to finance your purchase at the time you make your purchase. Below are the processes for purchasing at a participating or non-participating retailer.

Participating Retail: The dealer completes the loan form and calls CPI for instant approval. Upon approval CPI agrees to pays the dealer and you receive the amount requested towards your purchase instantly. The amount borrowed is split up into six approximately equal payments which are then added to your monthly electric bill moving forward.

Non-Participating Retail: Contact CPI for instant credit approval prior to making your purchase. Upon approval purchase your electric item and submit your invoice(s) or receipt(s) to CPI. After signing loan documentation CPI will issue a check to you and we will add the 6 equal payments to your electric bill.

Some Examples of qualifying Electrical Items are: