Wildfire Statement

We at Consumers Power are grieving as we watch unprecedented wildfires ravage our beautiful state. We not only work here, we live here, and care deeply about our community.  Our thoughts are with our members, their families and the communities who have suffered terrible losses during this catastrophic event.

Days before the Labor Day windstorm, our team members worked hard to prepare for the storm and extreme fire danger. That morning, September 7, we communicated through our website and Twitter @CONSUMERSPOWER the impact the storms could bring. We worked closely with emergency management personnel throughout the event and continue to do so, while carefully following our wildfire mitigation plan.

We are thankful to our employees for their proactive approach and of course our partners for their quick work and cooperation. We will continue to work with our municipal partners and local community leaders to rebuild. While line crews are focused on building temporary facilities to quickly restore power throughout the affected areas, plans are already being formed to provide a more resilient, permanent replacement for the original system.

For information on recovery resources please visit FEMA’s disaster relief website, DISASTERASSISTANCE.GOV, or call 800-621-3362 (7 AM to 10 PM PDT, seven days a week). Please be prepared to provide the following information (FIRE RECOVERY GUIDE):